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BizPoint embraces companies, SME’s, tradesmen, craftsmen, micro operations large corporations, shortly all business world. As well as all professionals and traders, doctors, lawyers, electricians, plumbers, etc., individuals can create profiles and get themselves included in our system.

They can request quotes and businesses and professionals may respond to these requests. With “Request a Quote” and   “Make an Offer” which are multi-directional live mechanisms, many responses can be received by qouting a request, and be evaluated and compared. BizPoint does not charge any commission for this service.

BizPoint is a location based project, listing and filtration options are available. Searching can be made at different locations and cities. It already started for Turkey, and is planned to be regional and eventually global in a short time. Live web private chat  and group chat features are available. Individuals and businesses can chat among themselves, and responible persons of businesses can be contacted at any time. Web chat feature can be used for customer service, sales and marketing support. Instead of sending fax and/or emails, price quotations can be made, and online info can be given. Thus, while you enjoy operational advantages, you save time.

An online customer service is available in BizPoint. Also, a contact form is available and support can be obtained by ticketing email mechanisms.

BizPoint is completely free of charge for guests and individual users. Registered individual users can use personal tools, and would have the advantage of many additional possibilities.

Classical check-in system is normally a serious income generating feature from businesses. With BizPoint’s “I will be here” feature, plans and programs can be made, users can get organized, plan their private and/or business meetings, and invitations can be sent. This feature is free of charge. Individual users can also organize meetups  easily.

Individual users, professionals, and businesses can reach each other by one click. For businesses, communication with their existing and potential customers is easy, and their relationship will be more operational, practical and managable. We offer added value, consistency, speed and comfort. It is free to try!

All businesses; Companies, SME’s, Tradesmen and Craftsmen

All solutions worldwide generally offer vertical business models, whereas BizPoint developed a different and a horizontal alternative. BizPoint offers an multi-directional integrated system which complements components. We designed the Project by determining the real life work flow and the problems encountered and adding our practical solutions and experience.

We noticed that most similar sites offer solutions as different modules that can not be integrated, thus losing their operational ability. We offer a highly functional, innovative and contemporary workplace all under one roof.


Our website is a social business network, and compatible with all devices. Although some of our modules will be ready for operation in June,we are currently offering 7x24 working opportunity with our mobile applications. No dependancy to time and place!

Our applications can be downloaded from Apple Store and Google Play without any charge.

Why prefer BizPoint and its services? What is your difference?

Our answer to this is, we offer a 7x24 active, live, real time solution system, which is interactive and proactive business method. Once registered and logged-in, the difference in our system can be seen. We offer a live working flow with messaging, reviews, requests and offers.

Indeed, for some professions reviews are not necessary. This function can be disabled, and if you do, no one will be able to write reviews.

By offering an active listing and business possibilities, each phase of our service is mutually accessible.

Our back stage services have differences that are incomparable to other websites and mobile applications. You have total control! We provide all the tools, you drive.

We leave the evaluation of our differences to the other websites’ that are vertical and focused on one concept only, to our clients’ appraisal. Customer satisfaction is more important to us than making money.

When you feel the need, you can ask for additional services. We have options that will be activated upon Add-On and Demand-On requests.

We can supply connections between Online and Offline, and Offline and Offline.

Our subscription plans; Basic will always be free. Other plans will have a free trial period for 2 months. Following the free trial period, you can choose between 4 subscription plans according to their different aspects.

BizPoint is designed for the ROI (Return Of Investment) to be satisfactory for our customers. ROI can be measured in time and percentage. It is determined automatically with net analysis instead of assumptions and scenarios.

Our project is supported by Microsoft’s BizSpark Plus, and BizPoint operates on Microsoft Azure cloud system. We sincerely thank Microsoft for their support.

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