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How It Works

Registered Individual Users: 

  • Can search all places, professionals and businesses
  • Can search events
  • Can search services
  • By requesting quotes, they can obtain companies’ and professionals’ offers and make a choice accordingly
  • Can check job adverts. (will be added in June 2016)
  • Can check opportunities  (will be added in June 2016)
  • Can see all discounts and coupons
  • Can chat with their friends and create groups
  • Can send private messages to their friends
  • Can organize meetups at places, and invite friends
  • Can ask for discounts from businesses and professionals
  • Can send reviews for events, businesses and professionals and make evaluations/ratings
  • By recommending the services and places they are happy with to friends, they can help their friends too
  • Can request appointments
  • Can request reservations
  • Can make “Call Me” requests
  • Can invite friends
  • Can make personal notes (about places, individual professionals and businesses)
  • Can create reminders (when you get close, BizPoint mobile app. will remind)
  • Can get push notifications via mobile (you have full control. You can set the number of messages as you wish)
  • Can choose the categories of push notifications as you wish (you have full control. You can set the categories and the number of messages as you wish)

All the pages of our website are encrypted for utmost safety. (SSL certification) “https” can be seen on each page.

Push notifications are not dependent on brands. Since all businesses and professionals can participate without being dependent on devices, you would have many options. You can set the mobile application as you desire and even stop receiving messages from categories you are not interested in. (This feature will be active in May 2016)

Registered Businesses and Professionals : 

  • Can search all places, professionals and businesses
  • Can search and create events
  • Can search and create services
  • Can request quotes and quote for all requests.
  • Can check and publish business opportunities (opprtunities for business collaborations, franchising, producers, exporters, importers, etc.)
  •  Can check and publish job adverts (Career module will be added in June 2016)
  • Can check and publish opportunities (Opportunities module will be added in June 2016)
  • Can search and publish products (B2B module will be added in June 2016)
  • Can see and publish all discounts and coupons
  • Can chat with their clients, friends, fellow business owners, and create groups
  • Can send private messages to their clients, friends, and fellow business owners
  • Can keep their clients’ data and reach them easily
  • Can organize meetups (Meetups organized by individuals would participate to their businesses positively)
  • Can request special discounts and custom prices for their businesses.
  • Can increase their potential by responding to discount requests from their clients
  • Can send reviews for events, businesses and professionals and make evaluations/ratings
  • By evaluating the reviews and ratings, they can increase customer satistaction.
  • Can create referrals, can also publish referrals made for themselves by clicking a button easily
  • Can request appointments, can also respond to appointments requested from them
  • Can request reservations, can also respond to reservations requested from them
  • Can make “Call Me” requests, can also respond to “call me” requested from them
  • Can invite people they know. Invites are to their advantage
  • Can find new customers
  • Can promote/advertise (there are three options: promotion & discount, good review, and favorites)
  • Can make personal notes (about places, individual professionals and businesses)
  • Can create reminders (when you get close, BizPoint mobile app. will remind)
  • Can send push notification for promotions
  • Can specify categories for push notifications
  • Can give banner adverts to BizPoint (based on the categories of their choice)
  • Can benefit from the additional traffic in their website, if they do not have a website, BizPoint covers the empty space
  • Can find new suppliers
  • Can publish their business profiles in English and Turkish
  • Can find places inTurkey from abroad by using BizPoint mobile application in English, which would enable them to plan accomodation, meetings and travelling with BizPoint guidance

We make things easy for the purchasing/import departments to search and find suppliers for goods and services. The only thing to be done is to publishing by one click and wait for the response.

Direct requests can be made from your business from domestic and foreign clients. Businesses searcing for suppliers can gather detailed info about other businesses, establish trade relationships.

For example, a restaurant can increase the number of its customers as well as searching for new suppliers to purchase their foodstuff at the most advantageous way economically. They can advertise jobs, and realize the sales and marketing activities such as promotion, advertising, coupons, and discounts, etc. at the same time.

Our business model of B2B2C, supports B2B, B2C, C2B and C2C. A business that normally addresses to end users, also needs to deal with other businesses, especially for supplying goods and services. This is exactly when our solutions come in, since BizPoint is an interactive global platform enhancing relationships in B2B. BizPoint provides opportunities for searching and finding fellow businesses, recognition, establishing relationships, and supports sales and marketing activities.

BizPoint is not just a directory. If you take our many features into consideration while logged-out and/or logged-in, you can say that we are much more than a directory that finds places and businesses.

If you compare BizPoint to other European websites utilizing B2B model, you will immediately see that we are different.

BizPoint lets the users take full control. Businesses subscribe and create their profiles and we publish them, thus putting them in the spotlight. They can also use many features within our system. Individuals also get to utilize many features designated for them.

Our project is a management automation system for availability, productivity, performance enhancement, operational simplicity, cost effectiveness and digital and service innovation. It comprises of many features that make business life easier and in full working order 7x24.

For tourism and trade, all posibilities for imports and exports are available. Companies abroad can search and find all businesses based in Turkey, and obtain info about them and establish relationships. Profiles show the info flled in and updated in related fields and quite comprehensive. For the time being they are in English and Turkish. There will be other languages available in the near future. (when an English profile is created, if Turkish is chosen from the top of the menü and profile info fields are filled again and saved, profile will be both in English and Turkish)

In addition to being available in full scale abroad, when visitors come to Turkey, they can use their mobile devices to establish business relationships 7x24, be in real time contact, search for businesses and places, get directions and find addresses. They can manage all their trade activities, get quotes and offers, and find restaurants in the evening.

B2B is a businesses market place platform where buyers and sellers meet with the philosophy of “Source, Communicate & Collaborate and Lead To Sales”. Buyers and sellers seek each other or by filling forms they can publicise their requests. The interested parties can get in touch, and make a contract. On top of the subscrition fee, and payment for some optional services that you would require, which will take you to point of sale, we will not ask for any commission from the sales/purchases you make. A totally free market place, together with business and social network.

Each business can get a proximity/push notification service without being dependent on any device. All you have to do is to choose the subscription plan comprising this feature once the requirement is specified.

In the Admin panel, all necessary statistical data, reports and analysis are available. These are at our clients disposal at any time they require.

Some subscription plan allows for multiple businesses. For example, if you have 10 branches, they can all have profiles in BizPoint,(no need for 10 subscriptions) thus making it quite economical for suuch businesses. Statistics for each branch can be viewed and their performances can be compared.

“Call Me” feature requires SMS package and there is a charge for it. BizPoint is bound to the gsm operators’ prices, and that is why it requires payment. The request is immediately sent to you by e-mail and SMS.

In the listings, your business’s rank is determined by your subscription plan, and number of reviews you receive. High level subscriptions have priority and rank above others, while between two subscriptions of the same kind, reviews play deciding role.

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