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Social Responsibility

All Societies, Associations, Foundations and Non-Profit Organizations are allowed to create and publish limitless number of events within Basic subscription plan. All they have to do for this, is to register and submit legal documents for verification Upon approval by BizPoint, they will be activated.

The establishments that have been approved by BizPoint, accept and undertake that the documentation and information they provided belong to themselves, and are legal and correct. In a situation that there are missing and/or wrong documents, BizPoint will not accept any responsibility. BizPoint can not confirm or certify the conformity of documentation.

The categories allowed for events to be published :

“Ecology/Environment Protection” Events,

Sub-Categories of “Charity” Events

  • Health/Saving Lives
  • Disabled
  • Poverty
  • Violence Victims
  • Orphan Children
  • Aged
  • Children Education
  • Education
  • Homeless
  • Widows/Widowers
  • Martyr Families
  • Terrorism Victims
  • Starvation/Food Help
  • Clothing Help
  • Natural Disaster Victims
  • Refugees
  • Help Animals
  • Donation/Fundraising  

For above categories, you can also apply for free banner adverts. The applications for categories which are found appropriate will be approved by our Admin. BizPoint will act very seriously on this matter to ensure that the banner will serve a purpose.

BizPoint is designed to be a global project, and events with religious content will not be allowed to be published. If they are, subscription will be terminated.

BizPoint will not charge fees, commissions or act as mediator between parties for any donation, etc. Those, who wish to help, will have to contact relevant establishments themselves.

BizPoint only aims to offer Social Responsibility service by bringing the concerned parties together who wish to supply and receive help.

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