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The Power of Reviews

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The Power of Reviews

What would be a key factor to help you decide which business is the best option for you? The answer is the "Reviews".

According to the recent research by BrightLocal, around 88% of consumers treat online business reviews as friends personal recommendations. The statistic also shows that not only reviews are the key decision making factor but also that the importance of online reviews is getting stronger over time.

The above is hard to argue with, what is the most logical thing you would do when it comes to choosing among a variety of stores or services, especially when you're a new guy in a field? Right, anyone would want to know what others say. It's also nice to have a place where a trusted reviews are gathered in one place so you can save time googling for those.

All businesses listed on BizPoint are open for reviews to the clients/consumers, so the last can share their experience and rate that business. See what other people get to say on the business you're interested in and take the right decision!

Category: Individuals    
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