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Time-effective search tool!

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Time-effective search tool!

Here in BizPoint we highly value your time, so it's important for us to provide you with a search tool that would be time-effective.

Here are a few things to know about our search mechanism, which help you save time:

Tied to your location: To ease things up, we're automatically narrowing the search results to businesses in your current region, you can of course search worldwide if need be.

On the fly updates: No need to wait for the page to get reloaded every time your search/filter criteria changes, our search will update on the fly to reflect your updated request.

Sort by Distance: You're able to sort search results bringing up the businesses which are closest to you.

Map View: Each business brought by search results is highlighted on the map for your convenience.

Rating/Reviews: Ratings and reviews left by that business clients can help you make a right choice. You can see the business rating and the total number of reviews right on the search results page.

Having decided on a particular business you can either send a direct message to that business via the details page or reach out to it via the phone number found in contact details.

Category: Individuals    
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