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What are our reminders for?

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What are our reminders for?

How often do you find yourself in a situation when you wanted to visit a place, but forgot to do so? We think it's familiar to majority of us :)

Real life example would be: "Oh, I need to visit that shop while I'm in town", then one thing leads to another and you simply forget about it. In such cases we wish there was somebody to remind us about our plans. Well... That somebody is going to be our BizPoint reminder. This works the following way:

a) Once you're on a business page, use the "Remind me" button to create a reminder. Or you can add it via "Reminders" tab of your business settings;

b) Install our BizPoint application for iPhone;

c) Once you get within 1 km radius from the business location, your phone will alarm you.

Note: you need to have the App running on the background and have Geo location enabled.

Category: Individuals    
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  • Ece Ba┼čaran 21 Apr 2017 04:42:21 PM
    Yakla┼č─▒n Hat─▒rlatal─▒m, ─░ste Hemen ├ç├Âzelim :)

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