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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


Last Update: 05.04.2016

(This Privacy Policy immediately comes into effect for the users who create personal accounts on the mentioned date or afterwards.)


This Privacy Policy explains our policies on compiling, using and disclosing the information we collect in relation to your usage of our services including our web sites, e-mails and mobile applications.

‘Company' term refers to Premier ─░nternet Mobil E-Ticaret ve Bili┼čim Medya Hizmetleri Anonim ┼×irketi (headquarters: ─░stanbul). When you use the Platform you are giving approval to us, as explained in this Privacy Policy, to collect, use and disclose your information.



We can collect and store information about you when you use the services. We use the information to carry out your demands, to ensure service's functionality, to improve the service quality, to personalize the user experience, to track the usage of services, to provide feedback to establishments listed on the services, to display related advertisements, to provide customer support, to send messages to you, to back-up our systems, to allow emergency recoveries, to developer service safety and to comply with legal requirements.

The information we collect include:

Account Information: If you create an account on the Platform we can store and use your full name, tax number, T.R. identity number, e-mail address, postal code, sex, birth date etc. information you submit via your account. In addition to the photo you send during the registration procedures; the account to which your name, surname or company name belong will be openly displayed as a part of your profile. If you notice an account is created without authorization which imitates you or your appearance, you can request the removal of such accounts by sending message to   info@bizpoint.com  address.

Public Contents: All information you publish in scope of the Service is for public consumption, including the criticism texts, hints, photos, entries, comments, likes, connections, users you work with, posts, bookmarks, friends, lists, compliments and account profile. Such contents can be viewed via the Service, be shared with companies and we can distribute them to a wider mass with the help of third party web sites and services.

Communications: When you register at the Platform account if you are not an Individual User, you will be automatically included in the e-mail list to receive e-mail from other Platform users, establishment owners and Company. But even if you are an Individual user, you cannot select not to receive certain administrative or legal notifications to be sent by the Company. We can store the messages sent via the Service between you and others to start related processes or to deliver or we can let you manage them or we can examine and disclose them in scope of investigations regarding the service activities and usages. We may not deliver the messages we deem undesireable, such as unwanted messages or demands, to carry out examination transaction for equalization. If you send or receive messages via Service by using SMS text messages, we can store the telephone numbers, telephone operators, date and hour logs in scope of which such messages are processed. Operators can apply fees to buyers for received texts. We can store the information you provide us, including the phone calls while you communicate with us, correspondences, emails and other electronic messages or face-to-face communications.

Commercial Transaction Information: If you carry out a commercial transaction via the Service such as purchasing or making a contract, we can collect and store information about you such as your name, telephone number, address,e-mail and credit card information in order to process such transactions, to provide you with communication on them and to fill the forms for future transactions. Such information can be shared by third parties for the same purposes. Company does not disclose your personal information to third parties to directly market their services to you, without your confirmation. If you send your credit card number, we encode such information by using technologies at industrial standards. If you write comments about the Users with which you work, via Service, we can show to public you work with such Users. For example, if you buy thread from a User on the Platform and when you are satisfied with it, if you share a positive comment on the related User's page, we can disclose your comments on your experience to the public.

Activity:  We can store information about your Platform usage such as your purchases and contracts made on Platform and the establishments you search for by using our mobile applications, your visit date and hour, your search activities and the pages you viewed. We can also store information provided by your mobile device or computer regarding your Platform usage such as the browser type, computer or mobile device type, browser language, IP address, telephone operator, telephon number, unique device identifier, advertisement detector, location (geolocation, including web beacon and GPS position) and required and applied URL's. You may not allow us to use certain location data with the help of your device or browser settings, for example by disabling "Location Services" in your iOS privacy settings for BizPoint application.



We can use locally shared items such as identification information, web beacons, labels, scripts, HTML5 and Flash (also known as "flash-based identification information") in relation to your usage of Platform, third party web sites and mobile applications; advertisement detectors (including the mobile detectors such as IDFA from Apple or Advertisement Identity Number from Google) and similar technologies ("Identification Information"). Identification information is small data files which can have unique identifiers that can be found various places such as your computers, in our web pages and e-mails we send. Identification information can transmit information about you or your Service usage such as your browser type, search preferences, data shown to you or advertisements you click, date and hour of your usage. Identification information can be stored or be permanent only during an individual session.



Third parties such as those below can obtain information related to you:

Advertisers: We can allow the third parties to use Service Identification information to collect the same information the Company collects for itself, for the same purposes.  By doing this the Company acts in compliance with ethical rules. Third parties may collect the information they collected about you, with other information they collect from other sources. Please take it into account that, not accepting will not prevent receiving advertisements. Additionally we can share the information about you, other than the personal identification information, to make it easy to display an advertisement targeted by third parties, such as location data, advertisement detectors or cryptohash function of a known account detector (such as an e-mail address). You can limit our sharing some of this information by using your mobile device settings as explained in Part 2 above.

Service Providers: We can base upon third party providers to support or provide services such as booking or food services provided via the Service. We can also rely on third party providers for specific services such as communication and hosting services, network safety, technical and customer support, tracking and reporting functions, quality assurance tests, payment procedures, service marketing and other functions in scope of Service usage. We can share the information about you or information received from you with such third party service providers in order to let them fulfill your requests or fulfill such services.  These third party service providers can share the information about you or information received from you with us in order to make it possible for them fulfill your requests or fulfill such services.  Third party providers can also share such information with related institutions, joint ventures or other institutions subject to joint audits. Some of our web pages use framing method to provide you with contents from third party providers while preserving the service appearance and usage. Please remember that in such situations the information you provide are being sent to third parties.

Collective Information: We can collectively share your user information with third parties such as advertisers and content distributers. For instance, we can disclose the number of users who click the advertisements or those exposed to them.

Business Transfers: We can share information about you or those received from you with the parent companies, subsidiaries, joint ventures or other institutions subject to joint audits in such situations, which are obliged to respect this Privacy Policy. If another institution buys whole or an important part of the Company or our assets, such institution will also have the same information and undertakes the rights and liabilities as defined in this Privacy Policy.

Investigations: We can investigate and disclose information about you or those received from you, if the mentioned investigation or explanation (a) is required reasonably to fulfill legal processes, legal application instructions and orders such as search warrant, call, laws, legal application or other legal processes notified to us; (b) if we believe with goodwill that it will be beneficial to prevent, investigate or define Platform-related possible misdemeanors, or (c)  in order to protect the rights, prestige and assets of our users, subsidiaries or public; or to protect our rights, prestige and assets. If you make a complaint to Company via Platform regarding the contents, we can share the content of your complaint with the party that contributed to such content, to give a chance to reply.

Links: The Service can include links to third party services which are not connected. Except for the situations anticipated in this document, we do not share personal information with such services and we are not responsible from the confidentiality applications of such services.  We recommend you to read all related third party service privacy policies, or those they are subject to.

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn: If you register at the Platform by using your Facebook account or if you connect your Platform account with the account you own in scope of third party services such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, we can receive information about you from such third party services. We use such information to help you connect and open an account on Yelp and share your publicly available content with your friends and followers. If you interact on the Platform by using Facebook, Twitter or third party icons such as "Like", "Share" or similar buttons, these companies can collect information about you such as your device's IP address. Your interaction with such or other third parties are managed by third party privacy policies.



Please take it into consideration that the messages you send or receive by using the Service are confidential to the extent you and the sender/receiver keeps them confidential. For example, if you send a message to another user, that user can publish that publicly. At the same time the Company may provide access to such messages in scope of researches about Platform usage.



You can close your account by sending a mail to   info@bizpoint.com  address. We are going to remove your publicly available posts from publication and/or disconnect from your account profile; but we can store information about you for the purposes of this Privacy Policy, unless laws require otherwise.  For instance, we can use the data we store to prevent, investigate or define possible misdemeanors or fulfill legal requirements, in connection with Platform. Please do not forget that the Users cannot remove their business lists, grading or comments by closing their account.



Service is for general audience and it is absolutely not for children below age 13 in any way. We do not deliberately collect information from children below 13 years old. If you notice a child sending personal information to us without the permission of his/her parents, please contact us via   info@bizpoint.com  address. If you notice a child below age 13 sending personal information to us without his/her parents' permission, please make attempts to close the child's account and to remove such information.



We follow generally accepted industrial standards when we receive information or during the transfer of such information, in order to protect the personal information submitted to us. Nevertheless, transfer methods on internet or mobile devices and electronic storage methods are never 100% secure. Therefore we try to use commercially accepted methods to protect your personal information, but we cannot guarantee their absolute security.



If you think the Company is not loyal to this Privacy Policy, you can contact us by writing a message to  info@bizpoint.com  address: NewistaResidence , B Blok , Kat 21 , Ofis No. 175 ,Barbaros Hayrettin Pa┼ča Mah. , Naz─▒m Hikmet Bulvar─▒ No. 84, Esenyurt , 34522 ─░stanbul – Türkiye (Turkey)



We can revise this Privacy Policy from time to time. The latest version of the Privacy Policy shall manage how the information about you is collected, used and disclosed, and always be available at the web site. If we make important changes in this Privacy Policy, we are going to inform you by e-mail or by publishing a notification on Service before the date such changes come into effect. By continuing to access the Service or using the Service after such changes come into effect, you accept that you are bound by such revised Privacy Policy.

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